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The matter to access to our website is creating the connection between our website and you. You will be allowed to enjoy the unlimited services from our end. Before that please go through our agreement carefully. When you start to use our services, simultaneously you would be compelled to follow our terms and conditions onwards. If you feel that it is not possible to follow our terms and conditions, then please feel free to contact with our administration and we will definitely help you out. Agreement of user

When you approach in our website online, you will be recognized as user of our site. Our term and conditions are easily available on website for you. When you approach in our website, you can freely connect with us. But first you need to confirm us that you are suitable enough with ours terms and conditions when you decide to join with us. Changes in terms

Our management has the authority to change the terms and conditions at any while without serving any predominant notice to you. It is our humble request to all of our users to have a look on our current version of terms and conditions on our website. We modify the agreement as soon as the new terms will be posted on our site. When you confirm to go with our new terms, your access to our sites will be continued uninterruptedly. Copyright and trademark

Our website has copyrights and intellectual property rights in some definite material which are present on the site. Such as- text, audio, video, graphical images. Our trademarks and logo of website, our parent website, affiliates and associates are protected under the laws of government. Any contravention of the Intellectual Property Rights will be contemplated as an illegal action. You or any users are allowed to use all the contents as an authorized subscriber in writing by our administration. Our limited permission to copy

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Miscellaneous conditions to access our site

Termination: our administration with its sole discretion can suspend or terminate your access, password or account or use of services for any reason at any time without serving you notice.

Age bar: when you decide to connect with us to have access on our site, you will have been an 18 years old person. Under age people have to submit consent document of parents or legal guardian to get the access.